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Sofia Pencilskirt

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Sofia is a comfortable and feminine skirt with a figure-hugging fit. The skirt has a high waist with a wide, elasticated waistband. It has a simple construction without zipper, lining or darts. Three variants are included in the pattern; skirts for everyday wear, office and party!

Variant A is a classic pencil skirt, easy to sew and perfect for beginners. You can make it with knee length (A1) or calf length (A2). For more challenge you can color block the front and/or back (A3). Or sew a back vent (A4). These variants can be made with knee or calf length. Hem the skirt with a fold up hem or invisible hem stitch.

Variant B is a short skirt with a light flounce. This too is a simple and quick to sew skirt. The skirt is hemmed with a fold up hem.

Variant C is a calf length skirt with a front ruching detail. A fun variant to make each skirt unique. Hem it with a bias strip or rolled hem.


Sizes: 32-52 (US 0-20). A size chart can be found among the pictures.

Recommended fabric: The pattern is designed and tested for knit fabrics with approx. 30-60% stretch. We recommend medium- to heavy weight fabrics for variant A and B. For example: Ponte, Courtelle Jersey, College, Scuba, Ottoman, knit Jacquard, Stretch Suede etc. For variant C we recommend light- to medium heavy weight fabrics, for example: Tencel Jersey, Viscose Jersey, Ottoman etc. The tutorial includes a fabric guide.

Level of difficulty: 1-2/3. (For beginners and confident beginners). 

Note! You don't need a serger for this garment, but you can use one for some steps.

PRINTED: Both the pattern sheet/s and the tutorial (32 pages) are color-printed on heavy and durable paper (130 grams). We print all patterns at an Ecolabeled Scandinavian print shop.



A fabric and elastic requirements chart can be found among the pictures. Apart from fabric you will need:
- 5 cm (2") wide elastic for the waist. (Length in chart).
For variant C: 4 cm (1 1/2) wide elastic for the ruching detail. Approx. 24-35 cm (9-14”) in length.
- Optional: fusible interfacing with a little bit of stretch (for variant A with back vent, and variant C).



In the including tutorial you receive help from start to finish. It’s a solid and detailed description of each step in the making of this garment. It includes clear pictures, explanatory text and tips that will give the garment a professional look. If you are new to some of the techniques this will be an opportunity for you to develop your sewing skills. The tutorial also includes a size chart and a fabric requirements chart. Measurements are provided in both the metric and imperial system.